Carolyne Ratund

Therapies offered

  • Indian head massage
  • Massage [facial]
  • Massage [therapeutic]


I am a dedicated and intuitive therapist, a natural carer with over 5 years experience. I have been delivering treatments to a diverse range of clientèle in a variety of enviroments: music festivals, offices, various events and exhibitions, spas, clinics, hotels, beach resort, international poker events as well as doing home visits.

I am finishing my studies with Nutriheal to become a naturopathic nutritionist this year. I am also studying with the holistic beauty guru, Star Khechara from The Holistic School of Cosmetology to become a 100% natural and organic skincare products maker.

The word holistic for me is a philosophy and an approach to living which filters everything I do. Holistic means that 'nothing is seen isolated.'

As a holistic therapist I acknowledge the whole picture as it is. Well-being and disease are both seen as essential processes of life. To honour this holistic perspective within me I acknowledge myself and others as beings that function on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels simultaneously.

Treatments offered with Active LightWorks:

Therapeutic massage 1hour
Whether you have a massage to relax, ease aches and pains or alleviate a specific condition, I aim to create a treatment for who you are and how you are feeling at this moment. I integrate many styles of massage and other therapies such as Swedish massage, Indian Head massage, Deep Tissue massage, Thai Yoga massage, Ayurveda Yoga massage, Reflexology, Acupressure, Shiatsu, Hands-free, Subtle energy work and Stretches; which I adapt to meet your needs in the most appropriate way. I am a very intuitive, creative and full of awareness person tailoring a very unique treatment.

Natural facelift massage 30min or 1hour
The use of effective massage strokes and acupressure points improves the complexion, stimulates circulation, removes toxins from the face and prevents and reduces facial wrinkles while balancing the life force energy and improving overall health.

Indian head massage 30min or 1hour
It concentrates on the head, neck and shoulders, arms and hands. This ancient technique is a great source of relief from stress as we hold most of our tension around these areas. It is a very invigorating treatment as well as deeply relaxing. It gives you a zing! This is a seated massage with no use of oil.

Contact me to arrange a holistic experience!
I am also working at Anahata Health Clinic in Brighton. I offer low cost clinic on Wednesdays: £22 for any treatment.

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