Helen Dodds

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Therapies offered

  • Gaia healing
  • Metamorphic technique


My life as a practitioner began in 1989.

Helping people through touch instantly became a joy! Before long I was offering massage, reflexology, sports therapy & reiki. This proved to be an intriguing combo: my clients said they were feeling very supported emotionally, mentally and spiritually as well as physically. ... so this was great news!

The interest in people and their behaviour continued to fascinate me so I trained in how to use and prescribe Bach flower remedies, gem & crystal essences which empower us adults and children to balance and overcome our negative emotional and mental patterns.

In 1999, after two years working on a fabulous project as a therapist in Kenya, I was sensing a developing wish to work with patients in hospital and hospice and was subsequently awarded contracts at The Royal Marsden, Great Ormond Street Hospital and St Johns Hospice in London, respectively, to provide my therapies for medical staff and HIV+ and cancer patients in their day centres and on the wards. Amazing work and truly an honour to provide nurturing touch for the carers and their patients! This led on to teaching meditation to the nurses which they loved…..so a real joy. It's really fabulous to witness people's transformation.

Bringing you up to date: this year I added to my collection The Metamorphic Technique. What is it good for? Great for helping sleeping patterns regulate and lifting depression. Can support all symptoms as it supports the brain and nervous system which regulate all the body and mind functions.

  • What is it? A very relaxing therapy calming and balancing the brain and nervous system
  • What do you need to wear? You remain fully clothed
  • Lying down or sitting? Sitting in a comfortable chair
  • What does it feel like? A light touch to the feet, hands and head
  • How long is the treatment? It can be suited to your timetable, either 30 mins or an hour.
  • Who is it suitable for? All of us, that's the fabulous thing! Children and adults no matter what the symptoms or state of mind. One could say: "It meets you where you're at and helps you take the next step”. ...
  • Keywords for the treatment are: Transformation and Detachment.

Both complementary medicine and horticultural therapy are close to my heart.

I have a love for community projects. These have included Health Awareness Days at John Lewis Partnership, Ministry of Defence, Mayor of London's Office, and Royal College of Physicians.

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