Your eyes try me on like river light

unity completion acceptance the experience of acceptance again anew new a new experience a new bold thirsty allowable allowable out loud outside the body the body larger principally principally the centre the body principle the body principal principal first first among everything big full principled it was principled it was thought about thought through acknowledged desired it was principally the body as big as it was everywhere every corner slice cell bit exhaustively dissorderedly structurally dissipated as spirited as full as large larger bursting much larger completely larger and shiny she was shiny smooth I am shiny smooth I am smooth all over and full fulsome filled to capacity my capacity is all over she is all over I am all over committed connected accepted a known known complete an island in an ocean an island with cliffs and water smooth as downland smooth as summer as water canal water water silky brown inland cool water with rounded edges bone surfacing beneath skin muscles liquid and rising and filling out a skin as the edge of all capacity to be known like that

she was inches on contact with skin to skin a sound of heat a sound of heat expands fills inches more more

she was this everytime except when it wasn’t the right words or connection practically all wrong in daylight in everyday child and dog and difference or other other need to be something else and then renewal

these are the edges with teeth tongue along those edges minute connections with yourself and then with her I have wanted to be alive again at the end of my finger tips nails and elbow to wrist underneath of arm you see? do you see? you were all of you surprised and I was immersed and heat rising like bubbles of it was complete the messages rising and running all along the edges the centres the like a plum sharp and juicy full of flesh and goldentart lip of skin bursting

it was danger the principle the principle feeling the principle of the body the truth of it the truth to it being true how could I not be true? the completeness of this body it was a battle of the principle the principle what does the body know completely how to complete it always complete it one map interconnected but not the only way /

it breaks down