You go out of the room

You go out of the room any room and out of the house and past houses and into the open fields or whatever you like - and I went past the factory at Croydon and then I was on that smooth chalk hillside where I knew Martine and we ran - and I didn’t want to stay there and I came back to the place beside the church where we hardly ever went rough broken up ground a bit risky there might be big boys there with bicycles - and I’d be afraid of them can’t answer back not streetwise too young and the wrong class - but the land excited me where does it go the bus thunders round here like a stage coach this is the place the gangsters are as the bus thunders round I wonder if he knows how many children thrill
and then I zoomed to the other place further down than the speckled water where it got quiet very quiet
and almost motionless rocking silent on the dark water
hold your breath
breathe quietly like mouse or rabbit only us here our echoes our moment will we skate slowly over the deep water pause as the boat rests holds cups us in its canvas hand resting on the water inky black brown like a mirror painted with black paint what would happen what could happen what might befall if we are not careful enough don’t know what we have to do to be careful except be ourselves but that may not be enough seeing as how we’ve been told not to come here what is it that might happen what is it that might happen what is it? Just the water spinning unseen somewhere this is the excitement where does it go where does the river go in me I paused too long here listening to someone else’s rule what might happen what might happen if I listened to my own every time magical cool and dangerous? it only goes under the grid into the factory the factory wall rising up brick and brown and clearly who could build across a river to take it in? take in my river and use it for chemicals and push out that hateful polystyrene floating on the water like a square swan of dry bubbles