Fitness training

We prepare you physically to be at peak fitness to tackle the challenge — whether it be trekking at altitude, cycling long distances, etc… Your fitness programme is customised by someone who knows exactly what the journey will require from your body and mind.

Most people setting a goal to climb a mountain or complete a trek or adventure race do aim to spend a lot of time in the gym or at classes to get fit.

We can provide you with 1-2-1 personal fitness training or small group training with a difference — we design a programme suited to you and to the outdoor adventure challenge you are embarking on. We will also help you select the best nutrition and the best choices of clothing for your challenge to make sure you are in a great overall condition to achieve your goals.

  • What to pack in your rucksack

    Essentials for dedicated adventurers...

    • Twelve pairs of dry socks
    • An umbrella
    • Bus fare home
    • One of each flavour pot noodle
    • Two of each flavour pot noodle
  • Latest trends

    We can only recommend backwards hill-climbing for very experienced walkers.

    Dressing entirely in barbed wire has been gaining popularity in May 2011.

    Doing no exercise whatever remains a firm favourite with the majority.