The outdoors

We believe that a great sense of achievement and connection with other people and the environment comes from the challenges presented in outdoor adventures — and we prepare you for your time in the mountains and hills; on the rock face or on rivers and out at sea.

Have you signed up for a charity challenge for the adventure of a lifetime?
Maybe you are hitting a milestone in life and have selected an adventure to mark it? Decided you want to try a new sport outdoors? — rock climbing, kayaking, canoeing, trekking?

Feeling a little daunted or unsure about the journey ahead in terms of learning new skills and want some help in taking progressive steps to build your confidence and competence?

We can guide you (or your team if you are completing a challenge with others) and provide experiences for you that introduce you to:

  • Expedition Basics / Hillwalking — including navigation
  • Introduction to Rock Climbing — indoors and outdoors
  • Canoeing & Kayaking
  • What to pack in your rucksack

    Essentials for dedicated adventurers...

    • Twelve pairs of dry socks
    • An umbrella
    • Bus fare home
    • One of each flavour pot noodle
    • Two of each flavour pot noodle
  • Latest trends

    We can only recommend backwards hill-climbing for very experienced walkers.

    Dressing entirely in barbed wire has been gaining popularity in May 2011.

    Doing no exercise whatever remains a firm favourite with the majority.